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Some of you will know me from my two blogs the links of which are on the right.  

I have been painting wargames figures for about 35 years and have been providing professional painting services to other gamers for over twenty years.  Although my main focus is on the 18th century in 25mm and 40mm, my interests are very wide and you will also find pictures of 15mm figures as well as Ceasarian Romans, Eastern Renaissance armies, ACW and Napoleonics. My project at the moment involves French and Prussians of 1870.

In terms of the 18th century, you would be hard pressed to find someone who has a better all-round knowledge of the century’s wars and I will deliver this knowledge to painting your miniatures. You will get the correct facings, the correct flags and a consistent basing to your specification. All at a reasonable price and delivered within a good time-frame – you will also have frequent updates on progress from me and regular communication. That’s not an intent, it’s a promise.

I am an expatriate Brit and I live much of the year in Thailand where I get help in my painting projects. I supervise all aspects of the painting and nothing leaves my studio without my agreement – but I am the bottom line.  That’s the message I want to convey to you – we provide a consistent level of excellence. Your first soldier will look as good as your five hundredth. Whatever your scale - 15mm, 28mm or 40mm - and whatever your period, from Romans to Winged Hussars to Zouaves - we can help you reduce that lead pile sitting at home which may never see colour in it’s life.


Nigel Billington